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Metal Roofing Questions

What types of panel fasteners do you offer?

We offer both Exposed and Hidden Faster Panels as well as Standing Seam Fasteners.

Exposed Fasteners: Mountain Rib & PBR Panel

Hidden Fastener: Snap Lock 100

Standing Seam Fasteners: Snap Lock 1750, Standing Seam 150 & Standing Seam 2000


What are the color options?

We stock the most popular colors for fast and efficient turnaround times.

However, we do offer a large assortment of colors not in stock. These are called ‘Custom Order’ and usual add time to the order.


Will KSI Metal Roofing do a take-off from my drawing?

We do not do take-offs but can give an estimate off of square footage for cost or we can give you a square footage price. We recommend and encourage contractors and homeowners to take field measurements to confirm panel lengths/quantities to ensure that measurements are exact.

What gauge of steel do you offer?

We stock an assortment of colors of 26 Gauge and 29 Gauge steel for quick turn around. 22 Gauge and 24 Gauge metals can also be ordered with an increased lead time.

Does KSI Metal Roofing work directly with contractors?

We work through a strategic network of distributors that have been carefully selected to allow us to efficiently serve all of Arizona. This helps reduce shipping costs and also provides a local place for contractors to obtain physical color charts, hand-out materials and sample boards. We encourage all contractors to call us to help connect you to the best location! (928) 478-7620

Do you allow for custom trim?

Absolutely! We understand that every roof is different which often requires non-standard trims. We are happy to support that need and do not charge a premium price for custom trims. Our custom trim prices are based off the material used and bent complexity.



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