Steel Siding

Specialty Siding

 The look of wood, performance of steel.

Maintenance free siding

The Ultimate Shield

Siding doesn’t just make a home look nicer. When you do the math on cost and value, it delivers one of the best returns on investment for a home—bigger than a bathroom remodel or even a deck. It’s what makes steel siding an investment you can count on.



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High Dimensional Stability


Superior Steel Strength

Steel is unmatched when it comes to protecting your home from harsh weather and other hazards. And in SteelTek® steel siding, you have found a superb choice for both beauty and strength!

SteelTek siding promotes energy conservation by creating a tight building envelope for more efficient heating and cooling performance year-round.


Look of Wood, Performance of Steel


Stronger Than Steel

TruCedar steel siding brings together the strength of steel with natural embossed beauty in multiple profiles. Designed to withstand the elements, TruCedar homes protect the families who live inside. With TruCedar, homeowners never have to choose between amazing designs and unmatched durability.

Inspired by natural wood and classic profiles, TruCedar Steel Siding is designed to offer a natural look without the care and maintenance that often accompanies real wood siding. The strength of TruCedar is found within. The steel core, coated in zinc, and the Kynar® paint finish provides a solution that maintains its strength without any impact or fade to the color over time.

The look of wood without the maintenance.


The Performance of Steel Against Nature

Designed to create an iconic building aesthetic that will look the same as the first day it was installed. Vesta Steel Siding is competitive in every way to the classic and upkeep-heavy wood shiplap. Long and narrow panels seams create a subtle reveal for a maintenance free solution that’s an investment you can count on.